[rescue] any tricks for installing/removing ram from sparc10s?

N. Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Sat Aug 2 16:22:03 CDT 2003

--On Saturday, August 02, 2003 1:11 PM -0700 Daniel de Young 
<daniel at velvetsea.com> wrote:

> On Sat, 2003-08-02 at 12:44, Steve Sandau wrote:
>> Radio Shack: color TV tuner cleaner. You shouldn't need it for memory,
>> but if you ever have to clean/lubricate something electric/electronic,
>> it's the best.
> ...
>> For removal, I have a piece of 10/12 ga copper bent so that it'll hook
>> the two holes on the memory stick. Works better than the little levers.
>> Especially when they're broke. ;)
> Great post!
> I nominate this for hardware tip of the week!

Use something flat (there was a hard plastic thing that came
with SS20 RAM kits for this purpose) to spread the force over
the top of the DIMM when you push it down with your thumbs.

As for removal, I used to use an unsharpened pencil to push on
the levers (instead of my poor fingers), and, in a pinch, used
a small flat blade screwdriver (#0? -- jeweler's kit size) to
leverage out each side by inserting into the hole.  The SO
recommends super-small zip ties if you have them--insert into
hole and you have an instant loop for yanking up.

I like the "hook" idea, too.  I did something like that recently
when reassembling an Moto i95c for a customer (vanity shell) to get
the ribbon connector (spring loaded) hinge back together.  I wish
I had been charging the $35 shop rate to install it.

Fortunately, I love a good mechanical challenge for disassembly
and re-assembly.


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