[rescue] any tricks for installing/removing ram from sparc10s?

Henry R. Bent hbent at cs.oberlin.edu
Sat Aug 2 12:26:25 CDT 2003

Arthur Wouk wrote:
> i finally got around to trying to combine the ram from my recently
> dead sparc10 and its replacement. the old machine had a bunch of 64meg
> sticks which i wanted to move into the new machine to replace the 2r
> meg sticks there.
> well, i finally did get two 64 meg sticks installed, but my fingers
> still hurt from the effort. i guess by now the ram is nearly welded
> into place - i broke one of the levers for lifting the ram in the
> process.

Pretty much the same thing happened to me a while back with an MC3 memory board
from an SGI Challenge L.  The DIMMs were stuck tight, and the levers were in a
place such that they were not particularly easy to exert upward force on.  First
trick I tried was putting a small amount of 90% isopropyl alcohol down into the
RAM socket to loosen any crud.  Bear in mind that I have no idea if this was
necessarily the best idea, but it didn't hurt anything.  The real thing that
seemed to work, though, was patience: I wiggled the RAM back and forth, up and
down as much as I could over two days or so and eventually I got it all out with
only one or two cuts to my poor abused hands ;-)

Henry Bent
hbent at cs.oberlin.edu

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