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Sat Aug 2 11:32:07 CDT 2003

On Saturday, August 2, 2003, at 10:39 AM, vance at wrote:
>> See also: Mosaic -> Mozilla, and possibly IPV4 -> IPV6.
> Were the first couple of Netscape releases that much more complicated 
> than
> Mosaic?

   We all moved to Netscape from Mosaic because it was like ten times 
faster.  It wasn't as pretty but it was SO much faster.  The original 
Mosaic didn't do multiple simultaneous connections (i.e. to flesh out 
the objects which were included on a single page) but Netscape did, 
providing a tremendous performance advantage.

   A performance advantage which disappeared completely when they 
started implementing REALLY FUCKING STUPID 
clueless-college-boy-make-the-professor-happy ideas like user 
interfaces coded in compiled-in, run-time interpreted Javascript.

   "YOU, with the C++ compiler and no knowledge of how computers work!  
Back away from the keyboard with your hands up, NOW!"

   They used to say "It's spelled N-E-T-S-C-A-P-E but it's pronounced 


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