[rescue] LED Signboard

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Fri Aug 1 14:42:28 CDT 2003

>Even just scrolling console messages would be neat.  Or, how about an
>uptime clock accurate to 14 significant digits?

I've tried running a BetaBrite sign (the one I found on the side of the
road) with fairly rapid updates (1 Hz), but I never could get happy with
the redraw speed--I guess that little 8051 onboard is a busy critter.

Now the 8088 based LED signs I've got in storage probably do update faster,
but I bought the pallet freight surplus, so no docs at all.  They're
big--maybe 4' long, single line, red.  Based on the messages left in the
battery backed ram, they were used for in-store advertising.  One of these
days I should try and reverse engineer 'em.


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