[rescue] Ok, what kind of SCSI connector is this?

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Fri Aug 1 11:05:23 CDT 2003

I've been continuing to dig thru my pile of SCSI drives (it's amazing how 
much stuff you realize you have once you have to move it...new houses do 
that...)  Anyway, I've got two 4gb WD drives (I don't have the model number 
here) which I'm not sure what kind of SCSI connectors they have.

It's not a 50 pin.  And it's not the same as on my U2.  And they look like 
they have a fair number of pins...maybe it's still 50, in two rows...not 
sure, they're at home, and I'm at work.. Looking at 
http://www.scsita.org/aboutscsi/Pictures.html doesn't show the connector 
types I have.   I was thinking that the U2 had SCA, but then I'm not sure 
what these would be.   The connector is centered on the back of the drive, 
but on the bottom edge.    I've done some googling and can't seem to find 
exactly what the U2 has, in terms of connector (is it SCA or 
SCA2?)  Anyway, I'm trying to figure out what these other drives are, and 
where I might be able to use them (I've got to find out what they are so I 
can test them first of course...)

I've got a cable that they'd connect into, but I'm not sure I have anywhere 
to connect it too....


p.s. As part of the digging, I also found that I have 3 200mb drives 
(woop-de-do), a working 1 gb drive, and a working 8 gb drive (all 50 pin 
drives).   A dead 2 gb, and a dead 1 gb drive, so the find  wasn't without 
it's share of casualties... Not a bad haul, given it's been in a box of 
parts that I got for free, but just hadn't dug thru. 

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