[rescue] Free-SGI Personal Irises

Dan Canaan flinters at picarefy.com
Sat Apr 26 13:25:15 CDT 2003

At 02:42 PM 4/20/03 -0400, you wrote:

> > Local pickup only in the Seattle area, of course.  These are HEAVY!
>Do any of them run?  Boot?  What sort of power do they want?
>I'm across the Sound from Seattle....
>rescue list - http://www.sunhelp.org/mailman/listinfo/rescue

Hey there.  For some reason I saw no responses to any of my appeals for 
finding homes for these boxes on the list.  My email client never showed 
them.  But go into the filtered stuff and I found lots of 
replies.  Funky.  Sorry for not responding sooner.

Five boxes, all power up, standard 110 VAC.  All attempt to mount the 
drive, but they are looking for a remote server to get their IP and cannot 
get beyond that point.  Soooo, they need to have a new OS installed.  They 
all boot into the monitor and let you choose a location for installing a 
new OS.  One box has a video issue though and could use some help.  I'm not 
sure it wasn't my monitor itself, but I had other shiny objects to look at.

Anyways, come on out and pick 'em up, otherwise I have to trash them or try 
to find someone at the Midway swap meet to take them.  You have first dibs.
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