[rescue] problem connecting consoles with a decserver 90tl

Nazim Manser nmanser at progis.de
Thu Apr 24 16:25:54 CDT 2003

Hi folks,

I want to access the consoles (opa0) of my servers remotely over a 
decserver  90TL

my cluster consists of 2 nodes (al01,al05) and a decserver DS90tl 
on the same lan segment.

on port 1 is the console port of the ds90tl
on port 2 is connected to the console port of al01 (opa0)
on port 3 is connected to the console port of al05 (opa0)

[demime 1.01b removed an attachment of type text/x-vcard which had a name of nmanser.vcf"; charset="iso-8859-1]

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