[rescue] SCSI drive for sale at buy.com

Eric Webb ttlchaos at randomc.com
Sat Apr 26 08:23:03 CDT 2003

On Wednesday 23 April 2003 12:41 pm, Jeffrey Nonken wrote:
> I don't know if this is a good price, but it seemed appropriate to at least
> let the list know.
> http://www.buy.com/retail/clearance/product.asp?sku=70010274&loc=114
> Enterprise 9.15 GB 10k Ultra II SCSI 68 pin Wide

A bit late on this, but I noticed another place has them for $25, though one 
cannot tell if it is new or not.  I know that these are older drives (in the 
"Legacy" section on WD's page), so perhaps they're just being liquidated 


They also have the SCA version of this drive for $35 I think, once again who 
knows if used or not.

Shipping prolly extra, too.


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