[rescue] OT: Linux and USB on Intel

Al Potter apotter at spankingnuns.com
Fri Apr 25 16:29:49 CDT 2003

red at bears.org said:
> Wait a minute, I worked for Amazon.com during the E10k time. I was
> actually one of the E10k sysadmins, for that matter. There was no x86
> system large enough, at that time, to do that job. There still really
> isn't, taking into account the growth of data they would've
> experienced.

So you take the approach of the company I visited earlier this week (which I 
cannot name).  The have two clusters which do the vast majority of their 
processing, one is a 1000 node cluster of dual cpu boxen, slowest proc is 
~800 mhz.

The other one is 1500+ nodes (total not sure, they just keep adding nodes) 
of dual proc boxen, slowest proc in this one is 1.4 gigasnortz.

All run linux btw.  They do have suns, I counted 14 starfires in the row I 
could see.  They apparently use them for runs which require solaris specific 
tools, all else runs on one of the clusters because they "run circles around 
the suns" (their words, not mine).

All of this is taken care of by 4 admins.


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