[rescue] KVM and Sunfire 280r

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Thu Apr 24 22:44:25 CDT 2003

On Thu, Apr 24, 2003 at 06:14:54PM -0500, Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:

> *blink*
> A house full of BIG computers, oscilloscopes, SEMs, books, papers, and
> more testing equipment than seen outside of a well-done sci-fi movie,
> and they think you're just starting out?

Well, I saw a gaggle of suits declare a computer room of equipment
useless on a bean-counting tour.

In it was a 5.5 million $$$ Cray/SGI combination that happened to be
generating 75% of their revenue at the time.

"They aren't even using it, and none of it is hooked up."

All the wiring was, of course, under the floor.

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