[rescue] pls help with monitor decision

phoetoid phoetoid at pyrospheric.net
Fri Apr 25 00:12:23 CDT 2003

For several of my workstations, I use 17" CRT's (purchased for less than
50$, or scrounged up) in 1280x1024 with 32mb ATI cards I got for 25$ a
pop. Works great for lots of 2d stuff, and I can even play quake!
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I have got rid of my 15" LCD laptop and am now in the process of
building out an OpenBSD based desktop.

Would love to hear all your opinions on getting a new monitor, in terms

do you need more than 1280x1024 resolution
DVI vs. normal HD15 conenctor

I will be sitting in front of this thing for at least a few hours
every day, up to 10-12 hours per day.

bonus question: best video card for 2D work?  I do no real 3d stuff,
just lots of Mozilla windows and xterms.  Under $70 is the price range
for an AGP card.  Have seen 64MB Radeon's for about $70.


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