[rescue] SS Classic Serial ports

Tom Ponsford tponsford at theriver.com
Thu Apr 24 08:45:46 CDT 2003

Hi All,

Actually, using a pcmcia sbus for a serial port works very well.
The nell driver on netbsd-current works pretty good. In addition you can use
a pcmcia serial card, modem. or even a fast ethernet card. As most of 
the pcmcia
stuff is peecee compatible, its cheap and plentiful. I got two pcmcia
sbus cards on ebay for about 12.00 apiece. So far its worked great
in my LX, SS5,SS10 & SS20. As soon as I get time I'm going to use one of 
my LX
boxes as a dialup gateway/router for my home lan, and another LX box for
a wireless access point for my laptop.



Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:
> As an odd suggestion (well, more like ridiculous), with the appropriate
> support (likely netbsd etc), you could always use a PCMCIA card with
> COM ports in an SBUS to PCMCIA card :-) :-) :-)
> -- Curt
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>>Subject: Re: [rescue] SS Classic Serial ports
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>>On Wed, Apr 23, 2003 at 10:46:15AM -0500, Joshua D. Boyd wrote:
>>>>Sun has not always used the best of serial ports, and I've heard of lots
>>>>of mixed results....  my feeling is it should do it, I just can't say
>>>>wether or not it will do it.
>>>Well, if it doesn't, I have a U1, which should.
>>No Sun has fast serial ports, except the PCI based Sun's.
>>If you have an sbus Sun, the only way to get fast serial ports is to buy
>>something like a Magma serial port card.
>>I've been trying to get one for 2 years now.  The only ones I can find,
>>the owner wants too much for them.
>>It's sad, but I can pick up an old PC for nearly nothing, which will do
>>the job just fine, and for far less money than a decent serial board for
>>If you want a Sun which can run a fast modem (or any fast serial link)
>>with on-board ports, you need to get one of the PCI machines.  For
>>example, the U30 can run its serial ports fast.
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