[rescue] OT: Linux and USB on Intel

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Wed Apr 23 23:25:08 CDT 2003

On Wednesday, April 23, 2003, at 11:25 PM, Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:
>>>>   We're talking about kernel architectures, not computer model
>>>> numbers.
>>>>  A 4/600 is a sun4m.  The 4/100, 4/200, 4/300, and 4/400 are sun4.
>>> I know... however, if memory serves me correct, Sun removed support
>>> for the VME buss (hence the 4/600) at the same time as the Sun4
>>> (4/[1234]00)
>>> line....  if not, it was one release later....
>>   Removing support for VMEbus isn't the same as removing support for
>> the 4/600.  They work just fine with no VMEbus access whatsoever.
> If you mean in that they operate without access to the VMEbus, yes
> I understand that too.  After all, I am using a 4/600 mainboard in a
> 4/110 chassis running Solaris 8.... don't need VME access.  However
> is there a Solaris release that officially supports 4/600 without
> VME access ?  I don't think so... I think Sun removed "support" for
> the 4/600 when they removed support for VME.

   Ahh, that may be.  But removing VME support isn't the same as 
removing support for a
certain system type, which is what you said above.

   They do make damn fine systems when shoved into a '110 chassis, don't 
they?  I'd never run Solaris on it in a million years though. (because 
that's about how long it'd take to boot)

   Believe it or not, one of those machines (in a '110 chassis) was my 
main desktop machine for a long time, running SparcLinux on a pair of 
SM61s with two CG6 framebuffers.  That machine was *fast*.


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