[rescue] OT: Linux and USB on Intel

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>> >Hence "(if it supported that far back)" ... I can't think of any Solaris
>> >2 releases supported on the pre-sparcstation generation, but I haven't
>> >bothered to look in 4 years or so.
>> That support would have ended when Sun removed support for VME from
>> Solaris... I think that was either 2.4, 2.5, or 2.6.  But Solaris 2.X
>> did support sun4 (which obviously includes the 4/110).
>Looks like 2.1 through 2.4 support sun4. The Solaris FAQ says 2.5 dropped
>sun4 support. It was platform based, not bus based. 2.6 (and allegedly 7)
>could be forced to use a 600MP, which I *think* was the one non-sun4 VME
>sparc system sold retail by Sun (not counting the cycle sun4m and any
>other oem/sme boards).

and Solaris 8.... I am running a 4/610 as a small file server (running
two 23Gig Seagate Elites mirrored).  I suspect 9 would run as well... it
is a simple check performed early on...

>> >Speaking of which, <obRescue>anyone want a dual r4400 NEC RISC server?
>> >I dare anyone to run anything but NT on it. :)</obRescue> Oh, and no,
>> >I will not ship it. Having enough fun shipping a 5U rackmount, much 
>> >less a deskside stand on wheels.
>> I'd give it a shot, but I doubt your local (I am in MA).
>Nope. Still west coast for now. I think even NetBSD gave up on this
>particular machine. Although I'd have to look to see the model number.
>It's a narrow dual r4400/133 machine that did take NT 3.51 quite happily.
>I might take it to the swap next month.
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