[rescue] OT: Linux and USB on Intel

Jeffrey Nonken jeff_work at nonken.net
Wed Apr 23 14:27:02 CDT 2003

I've seen this argument get bounced back and forth for days now, and
several people seem to be missing a point. I'll try to lay it out clearly.

"If I write my own code, etc., I can license it any way I want."

True. But keep in mind: If you write in C, chances are pretty gosh darned
good that you'll be using functions from the C library. Console I/O, disk
I/O, sorting, string manipulation -- you name it.

If you link in somebody's C library YOU ARE SUBJECT TO THE LICENSE TERMS OF

If that C library has a GNU license, guess what?

So: Your choices are: 1) Find another library that has license terms you
can live with. 2) Roll your own. 3) Entirely leave out all functionality
that requires any of the functions in that library. 4) Forget it. 5)
Violate the terms of the license.

Ever notice how fast Windows runs?  Neither did I ...

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