[rescue] SGI Personal Irises- Free

Dan Canaan flinters at picarefy.com
Wed Apr 23 13:00:30 CDT 2003

I'm surprised nobody has responded on this yet.  Perhaps the message didn't 
go through originally.  Anyways, either someone picks up these units from 
the list or they go to a local swap meet with 'free' on them to just get 
them out of the house.

Item:  SGI Personal Iris, aka the big brown box
Qty: 5
Location: Federal Way, WA (Puget Sound area)

These beasties all power up but need and OS.  I believe up to Irix 
5.3.  They are ex-NASA units (cool!) coming from California.  Some have 
drives (most) with sleds which makes moving an OS drive between machines a 
piece of cake.  They need that old early CD-ROM version that Suns and such 
had with the byte mode switch.  I got a couple of those drives but didn't 
have much luck initially to get them recognized, then a New Shiny Object 
arrived on the workbench and these got pushed to the side and not touched 

I'd rather see that a list member gets them as they will recognize them for 
what they are and have a better chance of putting them to use.  A flea 
market will have people looking at them and thinking "Cool! Big old 
computer!" but not have a clue what to do next.

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