[rescue] OpenBSD on Intel

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Tue Apr 22 18:54:27 CDT 2003

Sheldon T. Hall said ...
> Various people said ...
> [for routing USB-to-Ethernet] [on Intel] [use OpenBSD]
> ... so I'm trying it.

I've booted from floppy, run through the installer, got the basic stuff
going, upgraded to get X, and now ...

I'm having a little problem.

It won't boot.  It has booted before, if you power-cycled it, but it won't
now.  OpenBSD starts, but hangs just after detecting the network card.

I tried an ostensibly identical network card, but it didn't like that.  I
tried a number of other network cards, only to have it hang at a different
place in the start-up process.  Once it panicked, complete with a SNAPPY
MESSAGE IN ALL CAPS from the BSD people about reporting the bug.  Well, yes,
I'd love to, once it boots and I can run dmesg.

Having no network card at all results in a hang, too.

Obviously, I'm missing something.  How do I tell it I've changed the network
card, and to use the new one?  Or for that matter, how do I tell it I've
changed any bit of hardware, i.e. what's OpenBSD's moral equivalent of
"boot -r"?



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