[rescue] OT: Linux and USB on Intel (actually OpenBSD)

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Tue Apr 22 14:29:06 CDT 2003

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> Various people said ...
> [for routing USB-to-Ethernet] [on Intel] [use OpenBSD]
> ... so I'm trying it.
> It took a while to find a machine here that could make a floppy of the
> disk; neither rawrite.exe (1.2) nor rawrite2.exe (2.0) would do it under
> W2k, and none of the pukka Unix machines here have floppies, so I had to
> drag out an old W98 machine to make the floppies.
< snip >

For future reference, under Windows NT and Windows 2000, fdimage.exe
works (IME) much better that rawrite. To write an image with fdimage:
fdimage -qv floppy32.fs a:   this will skip formatting the disk and
simply do the equivalent of dd'ing the image to the floppy. I've
never had a problem with fdimage, but I have found rawrite to be
rather unreliable.

- MF

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