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> From: Robert Squire <rjsquire at ebi-online.com>
> Date: Mon Apr 21, 2003  9:38:27 PM America/New_York
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> Subject: [PLUG] free to good home
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> Hello:
> I am the (proud) owner of an HP Apollo 725t workstation.  I've got the
> giant HP monitor, internal and external scsi disks, tow external tape
> drives and a ton of cabling.  It boots into DomainOS and I'll include
> the manuals that I have. The processor is a Motorolla 68030.  I'm  
> pretty
> sure that there's 16Mb RAM.  Until recently my company was using it to
> to electro-magnetic analysis.  I hated to see it get thrown in the  
> trash
>  so I took it home but I have no use for it and now I'm running out of
> space.  I still hate to think of such a neat old machine ending up in a
> land fill so I'm hoping that one of you suckers... errrr... kind souls
> would like to give it a purpose.
> So if anyone is interested just reply to this and I'll arrange to meet
> you somewhere.  I'm in south Jersey about 20 minutes from the city.  I
> could even bring it to a PLUG meeting as soon as the spring semester is
> over.
> Thanks:
> Rob Squire
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