[rescue] Need help with SGI serial

Joshua Newton limelight at speakeasy.net
Mon Apr 21 21:04:20 CDT 2003

I'm assuming/hoping that someone on the list has had the same problem:
how do I go about connecting an SGI mini-DIN8 serial port to a peecee?
This is the very first ever time I've had to deal with mini-DIN8 serial,
and I'm intimidated by several dire warnings of unnamed vendors pulling
stupid tricks with DIN8 wiring. (I never had to do anything at all with
the serial ports on the Indigos and Indys at college. Thank Ghu. Though
more than one professor gave me headaches involving Indigos and parallel

I tried a random crapshoot on eBay, bought a really cheap Indy with no
specs provided, and lucked out: 4600SC/133MHz, XL graphics, a 1GB
Seagate of some kind, and a 4GB/7200rpm Seagate Barracuda monster. No
idea how much memory, yet, because I don't have a 13W3 monitor or
adapter (and, heck, I don't even have a spare VGA monitor to plug into
an adapter)--

This leads me to two questions:

(1) Can someone point me to a reliable SGI/peecee wiring guide and a
place to buy mini-DIN8 and DB9 plugs intended for homemade cables? I
really don't have the tools/patience just now to go shredding molded
cables. Wedding coming up, nerves raw.

(2) or, preferably, can someone please point me to a place that sells
molded cables (pref'bly 10' or so, but I'll take what I can get) that
already have mini-DIN8 on one end and DB9 on the other?

TIA, folks.

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