[rescue] FS AXmp details (was FS: Ultra 60 on ebay (finally))

Robert Novak rnovak at indyramp.com
Mon Apr 21 14:13:31 CDT 2003

Yesterday I wrote:

>I still have a barebones AXmp ($100+shipping) available as well,
>and it will go on eBay tomorrow probably. 

Since a lot of inquiries have been trickling in, I thought I'd clarify
this offering. Here's my prerecorded blurb on the AXmp "system" :

   Marner brand Sun AXMP server (like an E420/E450, smaller than E450,
   more capacity than E420). Takes up to 4 CPUs, up to 4GB RAM, many
   drive bays.

   Similar to http://www.polywell.com/us/servers/polyultra.asp (but mine
   is beige, not black). See this URL for complete specs.

   Includes floppy, 20x cdrom, one HD68 wide SCSI hotswap bay.

   Tested and working, tested with Solaris 9 and FreeBSD 5.0, should run
   other Solarises and BSDs and Linux as well.

   Takes the CPUs from Ultra 2, Ultra 30, Ultra 60, etc.

   Takes the memory from Ultra 5, Ultra 10, AXi, AXmp.

   No CPUs included (available at extra cost).

   No RAM included or available from me.

   System is a fullsize 5U rackmount chassis, weighs 60-70 pounds.

Shipping estimates have run from $90 (to San Diego) to $350 (to northern
Europe) and I would want to pay for some quality packing material as well,
so assume $125 in shipping. I'll deliver in the area (within ~2 hours of
San Jose) if you ask nicely and throw in a few bucks for gas allowance. 

Thanks to all for your interest.


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