[rescue] OT: Linux and USB on Intel

Andrew Weiss ajwdsp at cloud9.net
Mon Apr 21 11:46:02 CDT 2003

On Monday, April 21, 2003, at 11:35 AM, Kurt Huhn wrote:

> Jeffrey Nonken <jeff_work at nonken.net> wrote:
>> If he doesn't understand the technical explanation of why raw clock
>> speed doesn't translate directly, point out that his Farrari won't get
>> a ton of bricks across town more quickly than your heavy truck, no
>> matter how much faster it can go.
> There's a reason why I prefer diesel engines :)  Actually, my Octane is
> named Diesel, and my x86 is named Gasoline.  I think anyone intelligent
> could figure out why....
> I've also had some very sick thoughts lately about trading my truck in
> on a Volkswagen VW Golf with a diesel engine.
Why not a Mercedes TD instead... a good one about 5-6 years old... nice 
family size sedan or wagon.


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