[rescue] OT: Linux and USB on Intel

Robert Novak rnovak at indyramp.com
Mon Apr 21 11:28:30 CDT 2003

On Mon, Apr 21, 2003 at 11:59:39AM -0400, Dave McGuire wrote:
> On Monday, April 21, 2003, at 10:24 AM, Bill Bradford wrote:
> >
> >Doesen't happen here, but some companies want to have a phone number
> >to call for "official" support, no matter how talented the local staff.
>   It's definitely a suit thing.  If I company I work for needs to call 
> a vendor for support, two things are wrong:
>   1. I am incompetent and need to be replaced.
>   2. Somebody bought products that *need* vendor support, instead of 
> Just Working.

3. You bought a Sun machine (say an E450) and you're on vacation not 
wanting to be disturbed while you're romping with your girlfriend in 
hotel or church parking lot somewhere. 

Been there, done that. I had a Sun machine back at the office, and if
they'd had Sun support they wouldn't have called me during a much-needed
vacation to help them troubleshoot a scsi error. And I am still bitter
about this for many reasons that I won't go into here.

And I don't think Sun's found a solution to one of the CPu bugs I
kept running into on E450s. Can't remember details--AFSR CPU errors
caused by userspace problems or something (probably Java)--and there
were half a dozen closed-without-solution bugs on sunsolve about it.

>   Suits make no damn sense.

Sometimes it's cheaper to keep a support contract than to keep an
employee happy. My last company didn't really want either.


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