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Mon Apr 21 07:07:48 CDT 2003


On Sunday, April 20, 2003, at 12:18 PM, Michael Free wrote:

> It's probably safe to say that the people are pretty happy with those
> conditions because they simply don't know any better. When you're born 
> and
> raised under a set of conditions, those conditions become "normal".
>>    Those factories are basically big communes...the workers live in 
>> huge
>> dormitories no more than a few hundred feet from the assembly
>> buildings, and all worldly needs are provided for...food, laundry,
>> etc., and those people get paid literally pennies per hour.  And most
>> of them are pretty happy with their situations, scarily enough.

And when all is said and done, there's a lot to be said for having all 
your worldly needs provided for. If you take the 'average' workers 
salary, and subtract all their bills, union dues, taxes, etc out of it, 
they're probably left with literally pennies per hour as the money they 
can freely spend.

And people can get used to the security of not having to make choices. 
There have been quite a few Russians that defected to this country, 
only to return to Russia a few years later because they couldn't handle 
having so much freedom! It's much the same way as a guy that's been in 
prison for like 20 years can't adjust to life outside, so they'll 
commit some crime just so they can go back inside. Sounds strange to 
most 'normal' folks, but it happens a lot!

- -Mike
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