[rescue] OT: Linux and USB on Intel

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Mon Apr 21 00:50:12 CDT 2003

On Monday, April 21, 2003, at 01:25 AM, Bill Bradford wrote:
>> It's also bringing up a generation of computer users who think that 
>> getting
>> software is a free ride, that there should be no intellectual 
>> property, and
>> that OS concepts that were old twenty years ago are okay in a modern 
>> OS.
> And the computer industry is getting to be like the car industry - 
> "oh, there's
> a newer, faster, shinier model out!  I must get it, even if the one I 
> have
> does what I need!".

   It's even worse than that.  "Eeeeew, YOUR car has *WHEELS*.  Cars had 
wheels 75 years ago...wheels are so obsolete!"


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