[rescue] Osicom Solaris drivers

Paul Hortiatis ph009j at mail.rochester.edu
Sun Apr 20 22:23:13 CDT 2003

I'm using them in a CPCI based CP1500, NetBSD fails to boot if a card is in
the machine, It hangs during the pci probe of the card, on the second or
third controler, both the netBSD installer and once it is installed if you
put a card in it does the same thing. FreeBSD installs fine, and once i
recompile the kernel with the de support it detects the card's, and i can
activate ports using ifconfig, but they don't work, they show link and
activity if there is a transmision from the switch to them. but FreeBSD
fails to use them.

I'm trying to set the machine up as a router to replace a x86 box that is
currently doing it.


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On Sunday, April 20, 2003, at 10:50 PM, Paul Hortiatis wrote:
> I have a few of the Znyx quad cards that i have been unable to get
> working
> under any os but solaris, Have you been able to get them working under
> FreeBSD on a sparc machine?

   That's odd...I have several Znyx quad 10mb and 10/100mb cards that
I've used on several platforms under NetBSD and FreeBSD.  The ones I've
seen are a fairly generic PCI-PCI bridge with four Tulip interfaces on
the other side.


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