[rescue] Osicom Solaris drivers

Robert Novak rnovak at indyramp.com
Sun Apr 20 22:19:53 CDT 2003

On Sun, Apr 20, 2003 at 10:53:44PM -0400, Dave McGuire wrote:
> On Sunday, April 20, 2003, at 10:50 PM, Paul Hortiatis wrote:
> >I have a few of the Znyx quad cards that i have been unable to get working
> >under any os but solaris, Have you been able to get them working under
> >FreeBSD on a sparc machine?
>   That's odd...I have several Znyx quad 10mb and 10/100mb cards that 
> I've used on several platforms under NetBSD and FreeBSD.  The ones I've 
> seen are a fairly generic PCI-PCI bridge with four Tulip interfaces on 
> the other side.

I have honestly not tried them in a SPARC running anything but Linux
or Solaris. They won't fit in my convenient PCI Sun, and the AXmp is 
a bit big to get out quite yet. I plan to at some point, but I'd rather
use an Osicom or two if I can.

The Znyx cards should look just like any other DEC Tulip interface. 
You won't get the RAIN support from it, but it should look like the
generic 2114x-yy Ethernets.

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