[rescue] OT: Linux and USB on Intel

Steve Sandau ssandau at bath.tmac.com
Sun Apr 20 17:28:37 CDT 2003

>>Yeah Dave..  I would.  It works just fine for what I need - in fact the
>>biggest pain in my backside right now aside from windows is SCO, which
>>actually *IS* Unix.  Now SCO run's like a battleship, but it's really
>>clunky, and it run's on x86 hardware as well.
> I think that's the crux of what's different between you and me; I, for one,
> would be horrified if Linux was the only choice left to me, and for good
> reasons; good to me, anyway. 
Personally, I'm glad to have all the choices available. I work with some 
folks who think that Intel/Linux is the solution for everything, while 
most of us know better. I use all knods of hardware/software 
combinations because I want them to do different things.

The only choice here that is really awful to me is Windows. Linux may 
promote the use of unreliable hardware in server apps, or it may server 
to introduce people to the joys of Unix. (Worked that way for me, Linux 
was my doorway to Solaris and HP-UX.)

Microsoft, however, promotes cheap-ass hardware (since it runs on Intel 
almost exclusively), the concept that computers have to be GHz plus to 
function (with code bloat and inefficiencies) and at the same time uses 
the money people buy the software with to squash any competition, and 
make the world's rivhest man richer. I really don't want to support that.


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