[rescue] OT: Linux and USB on Intel

Linc Fessenden linc at thelinuxlink.net
Sun Apr 20 16:36:58 CDT 2003

On Sun, 20 Apr 2003, David Passmore wrote:

> On Sun, Apr 20, 2003 at 04:45:42PM -0400, Linc Fessenden wrote:
> > I didn't say it was right or fair Dave, but it is the truth :-)  Actually,
> > the cheap x86 PC's are so economical right now that we can afford to build
> > systems that are redundant multiple times for a fraction of the cost of
> > even some good Sun hardware.  I wish it weren't so though cause I would
> > really like to have some nice Sun hardware to tinker with at work!
> And what if you didn't have that option? What if everything UNIX were Linux?
> (this is an extreme, I am not claiming anything like this will happen
> anytime soon, just being hypothetical) Would you still be happy with Linux
> then, if it were the only choice?
> David

Yeah Dave..  I would.  It works just fine for what I need - in fact the
biggest pain in my backside right now aside from windows is SCO, which
actually *IS* Unix.  Now SCO run's like a battleship, but it's really
clunky, and it run's on x86 hardware as well.

-Linc Fessenden

In the Beginning there was nothing, which exploded - Yeah right...

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