[rescue] SOG converter

Paul Hortiatis ph009j at mail.rochester.edu
Sun Apr 20 14:25:04 CDT 2003

I Have made cables for my SGI systems to 5, or in some cases 4 bnc. I use
them on a pair of Optiquest 21's that have 5 BNC input, they understnad comp
Sync and seperate sync, but as far as i can tell they do not to sync on
green, and i have had no problem with the green color being screwed up...
Ive done it with both an indy and Indigo2. they both provide seperate and
composite sync on some of the pins in the middle of the 13w3.


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If this is for an SGI, unless I read the pinouts incorrectly, SGI does
provide a composite sync separately from the sync on green... they
use a different pin in the 13W3 than Sun does though.

Maybe not all SGI's provide this signal though ?

Anyone have any real world experience with this ?

-- Curt

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