[rescue] SOG converter

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sun Apr 20 12:59:17 CDT 2003

>> If this is for an SGI, unless I read the pinouts incorrectly, SGI does
>> provide a composite sync separately from the sync on green... they
>> use a different pin in the 13W3 than Sun does though.
>That is correct, which is why all the fools on eBay that claim they have
>an "SGI/SUN PC MONTIOR ADAPTAR L@@@K!" are full of it[0].  You can do one
>or the other, but not both.  Specifically, SGI uses Sun's CSYNC pin to
>do some sort of monitor ID.  Thus, connecting a monitor expecting CSYNC
>there to an SGI can possibly damage the monitor, if it doesn't have
>protection against bogus sync signals.

The only thing I've done that I don't like... but it didn't damage
anything is hook up my 20" premium Sun monitor (the multisync ones,
not the fixed/multiple freq onces with the remotes) using it's 13W3
right to the back of an SGI.... the monitor must understand sync on
green because it works ok.

>> Maybe not all SGI's provide this signal though ?
>My Octane/SI, O2, and Indigo2/SI do.  The O2 does PC-style sync as well
>as SOG.
>> Anyone have any real world experience with this ?
>Well, if your monitor is smart enough to interpret SoG, it's probably
>smart enough to ignore the CSYNC pin.  However, mine isn't.  So, when I
>connect it to the O2, I get a beautiful screen with the green gun -way-
>too warm (because it found sync on CSYNC, and is reading the green pin
>at face value).  When I connect it to the Octane or Indigo2, it spazzes
>out because it's getting a bogus sync signal that it doesn't know how to

I wonder if all monitors would make this screwup ?  If they were getting
a csync signal if green would always be out of wack... or if some monitors
are smart enough out to separate out the sync from green even if they are
not going to use it for sync ?

>I solved this by using a pair of 13w3<->5BNC adapter cables and three BNC
>T-connectors in the case of the Octane and Indigo2, and a 13w3<->5BNC
>a HD15<->5BNC adapter, and three BNC T-connectors in the case of the O2.

I assume you did this so you would only have the RGB signals, and let the
monitor do the sync on green thing ?

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