[rescue] SOG converter

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sun Apr 20 11:17:06 CDT 2003

If this is for an SGI, unless I read the pinouts incorrectly, SGI does
provide a composite sync separately from the sync on green... they
use a different pin in the 13W3 than Sun does though.

Maybe not all SGI's provide this signal though ?

Anyone have any real world experience with this ?

-- Curt

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>Subject: [rescue] SOG converter
>There was talk about this before, so I thought I'd throw out the link to 
>anyone interested.  These guys have a hood that will convert Sync-On-Green to 
>separate Vsync and Hsync pulses.  It's a whopping $50 and requires an 
>external AC adapter for +6V, so it's sloppy as well as expensive.  But, there 
>it is...
>A few people suggested circuits to convert Csync to Hsync/Vsync, but indicated 
>that splitting sync off the green signal would be a little more difficult.  
>Perhaps we could do more research and throw together a circuit for list 
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