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nick at snowman.net nick at snowman.net
Sat Apr 19 22:48:11 CDT 2003

PCI sparcs are far far cheaper to start on, you can get a QLA2?00 fairly
cheap, whereas all the SBUS fc-al cards are expensive (300+ normally,
sometimes if you're lucky ~100$).  Anyone know a source for sbus FC-AL
Cards?  The two expensive parts of an fc-al loop are the disk enclosure
(or t-cards, Dave? heh) and the HBAs.. Hubs are nice, but not required
unless you want more hosts connected than you've got ports on your disk
enclosure or t-card.  Someone wrote a good primer, but I'm forgetting the

On Sat, 19 Apr 2003, robert brooke gravitt wrote:

> If one wanted to get started with Fibre Channel, what would be the best 
> basic setup? (Say, on an Ultra 2-)
> Which Sun Fibre Channel SBUS HBA is appropriate? Is the Sun FC 
> Multipack a decent enclosure?
> Any good web pointers would be appreciated. The breadth of sites 
> returned whilst googling is a little overwhelming. 
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