[rescue] FS - Xyplex Maxserver 1600's

Robert F. Schaefer rschaefe at gcfn.org
Fri Apr 18 18:53:57 CDT 2003

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Subject: [rescue] FS - Xyplex Maxserver 1600's

> My bro got a bunch of these from an auction.

A little more info:

These take standard 1MB 30-pin peasea SIMMs.

The boot flash is quite hard to get (old linear-style) but they do boot
happily over the network via MOP, tftp, or XMOP.

It has strong roots in the VMS world, if you've ever seen the dead sargeant
you'd feel right at home at the Xyplex console.

There is (or was-- no traffic lately) a Xyplex list at
majordomo at lists.uninterruptible.net where Tom Nelson has been seen posting,
an engineer from Xyplex (now MRV Communications).  He was *quite* helpful in
bringing up my MAXserver 1600.  He's doing volunteer work for the Sacramento
City Unified School District, please donate to his cause!


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