[rescue] Pretty good computer book sale -- ends TODAY

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Fri Apr 18 10:17:10 CDT 2003

>It seems that www.bookcloseouts.com is moving their warehouse and has
>a sale on that ends TODAY.  
>Good news:
>Some of the books are discounted 98%.  Example: the GIMP essential
>reference: $1.99.  TCL/TK tools: $1.99.  Programming with Python: $1.99.


I scored:
	XLib Reference Manual: For R4-R5, Vol. 2
	X Toolkit Intrinsics Reference Manual for XII Release 4 and Release 5
	Programming With Qt
	Programming With Python
	The New Delphi 2 Programming Explorer
	Developing Windows Error Messages
	Charlie Calvert's Borland C++Builder Unleashed

for $23, shipped.  Lot of cruft in their list--never saw so many 'idiot's
guide' or '10 minute' or 'teach yourself' stuff in one place before.  Whew.

>This is the first time I've ordered from them, so I suppose it remains
>to be seen how good their service is.  But provided the books actually
>show up, it'll be hard to complain unless they really screw up.

No doubt.  At a buck or two each, I'll gamble.


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