[rescue] Pretty good computer book sale -- ends TODAY

Shirker shirker at mooli.org.uk
Fri Apr 18 10:06:18 CDT 2003

On Fri, 18 Apr 2003, Kurt Huhn wrote:
> > This is the first time I've ordered from them, so I suppose it remains
> > to be seen how good their service is.  But provided the books actually
> > show up, it'll be hard to complain unless they really screw up.
> Thanks Rich, I just ordered a pile of Java books that I need, but was
> putting off because I couldn't afford to spend $35+ per book.  I got 5
> books for $15 shipped!  Good deal!

Yeah, I'd like to add my thanks here. Even including the shipping to the 
UK, O'Reillys for 6 UKP each can't be beat.


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