[rescue] Request for recomendation [was: Why is everyone so OSX happy?]

N. Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Wed Apr 16 14:10:58 CDT 2003

On Wed, 16 Apr 2003 13:29:59 -0400, "Andrew Weiss" <ajwdsp at cloud9.net>
> On Wednesday, April 16, 2003, at 01:09 PM, N. Miller wrote:
> > I have been contemplating switching my gaming machine to XP, since it
> > allows you to do so much more wrt "imitating" older OSes than Win98
> > (which was? the reigning gamer's OS).  But, I find the prospect of re-
> > installing all the software that I have on the 98 box daunting (I still
> > have save files from the original X-Com. :-)  Yes, I know, I'm
> > pathetic.
> >
> I built a master games machine (belongs to my girlfriend and is the 
> only Win box in the house) this weekend running Windows 2000 Advanced 
> Server.  It works fine.  Just don't download DirectX 9.0a... it makes 
> many direct3d games unusable.

I've heard good things about XP w/games, and I have run a lot of games
under 2K.  It's just the time involved in re-installing everything that
puts me off.  The 98SE box has been acting a little jinky though with
the latest MSI video drivers, so I may end up switching OSs anyway.
Of course I do bad no-no things like run Kazaa and Limewire, so I suppose
I should expect some instability.  Oo, I think I just figured out what I
am going to do with the POS Compaq that I inherited when we bought
the retail shop. :-)

Oddly, I discovered a problem in my FreeBSD firewall from running Kazaa.
(It's 4.3, I know I should upgrade.)  Something flakes out either with 
the NIC drivers or the kernel module if I allow Kazaa to run for more
a couple of hours.  Existing connections will still respond, but new
tions will not--they time out.  I haven't taken the time to track it
I've just been rebooting.  I suspect it's some kind of memory leak.

  N. Miller
  vraptor at promessage.com

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