[rescue] U2

Steve Sandau ssandau at bath.tmac.com
Tue Apr 15 09:50:26 CDT 2003

Just bought a $15 Creator card for the new U2 here. Also put 512 M of
RAM in it (stole some from the U1).

Man, this is a NICE machine! I haven't really been using Windows for
some time now (I have a 95 box that's powered down mostly), but I don't
think I'll even use the 350MHz Linux box much now, either. (And, yes,
Dave, the Intel/Linux box has SCSI... UW even.)

Why didn't somebody tell me that I could have a real machine for so
little money? I spent less than $275 for an Ultra2 2x200/2x4g/512M AND
an Ultra1 167/2x2g/256M.

I can actually run Gnome on this U2 and not feel physical pain. And, I
learned that SMS doesn't always require a full day to add a user! I'm
not going to use SMS much, but I did want to become familiar with it. On
a SPARC5 I'd forget what I was doing between steps because they took SO

I can now also work with a SPARC5 with 2 NICs for a firewall instead of
the P133 I use. (Though, it has worked almost perfectly for 2 years,
doing masquerading, DNS, DHCP and ipsec to work...)

I didn't want to go to work because I didn't want to stop playing (well,
maybe it is work, Dave) on this nice computer!


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