[rescue] Sun E3000 puzzle

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Tue Apr 15 06:13:22 CDT 2003

Hi Lads

My 400MHz/8MB USII processors arrived today and I upgraded my E3000. The
system seems to be running quite well but one thing has me really puzzled.

When I boot into single user mode from a Solaris install CD and run prtdiag
it reports the CPUs as 336MHz with an 8MB Ecache. The installed CPUs are
part 501-5661.

Since I was expecting to see 400MHz, I'm a bit puzzled. Is there something
really obvious I'm missing? (like a patched version of prtdiag). FWIF the
Openboot PROM is 3.2.28



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