[rescue] Homemade Racks?

Rodito Buan II rodito at acdlabs.com
Thu Apr 10 13:06:45 CDT 2003

Me and my dad did this homemade rack out of our old cabinet hehe. One note
though, we had to reinforce all the corners and add more support on the
middle of the cabinet to support it.

See it here: http://my.buantel.com/gallery/Jan-4-2003/


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> On another subject, William Enestvedt said ...
> > P.S. ObRescue: anyone have experience building their own 
> racks out of 
> > plywood planks w/pine beams? Any problems?
> Never tried that, but (a) I've thought about it and (b) I've 
> also thought about "Handy Angle", a general purpose "Erector 
> set" type of industrial shelving/racking material.
> Since I don't have a single rack-mount anything, though, I'll 
> probably wait....
> -S
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