[rescue] Folks in GA w/hankerin' for SS20's might look at this

Shirker shirker at mooli.org.uk
Sun Apr 13 09:33:13 CDT 2003

On Sun, 13 Apr 2003, Eric Webb wrote:

> Can someone explain the remotes for the 20d10's?

Yes. I've got two of these monitors (but only one remote).
> I assume these are remotes to adjust contrast/brightness/width/height/etc?


> Are there no such controls on the tube itself?

Certainly not on the outside of the monitor, and I suspect not on the 
inside either (though I haven't been inside one). The only control they
have on them is the power switch.

The remotes don't cost much on eBay though, at least not last time I
looked. Don't try getting them from Sun unless you want to pay 75 UKP 


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