[rescue] Re: Request for recomendation [was: Why is everyone so OSX happy?]

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Sun Apr 13 03:21:55 CDT 2003

On Sunday, April 13, 2003, at 03:32 AM, Gavin Hubbard wrote:
>> I had both the Belkin and the Keyspan USB->DB9.  Only the Keyspan 
>> worked
>> reliably, in my experience.  Caveat, this was under OS 9; I haven't 
>> tried
>> the
>> Belkin under OS X, as I started using the Keyspan exclusively.
> Yes - those Keyspan USB-serial bridges are great. There are a few 
> niggles
> with the XP drivers (they have blue-screened my Thinkpad a few times). 
> But
> on balance I'm pretty happy. I understand the MacOS 9 & OSX drivers are
> very good.

   Another Keyspan recommendation here...I'm using a USA-2B under OS X 
with a TiBook; no surprises.


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