[rescue] Request for recomendation [was: Why is everyone so OSX happy?]

N. Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Sun Apr 13 01:20:48 CDT 2003

On Fri, 11 Apr 2003 23:23:13 -0400, "Rich Kulawiec" <rsk at gsp.org> said:
> On Fri, Apr 11, 2003 at 09:14:16PM -0400, Chris Hedemark wrote:
> > I have the 15" model from last year and love it.  It's great for video 
> > editing (I use Final Cut Express).
> Chris (and/or anyone else): what Apple laptop model(s) would you
> recommend (or un-recommend) for someone like me?
> 	1. Unix-phile

iBook or G4
> 	2. Don't need hi-performance (e.g. hardcore gamer) graphics.

> 	3. Need ability to manipulate MIDI and audio files, pull
> 	audio from CDs, write audio to CDs, etc.

iBook or G4, maybe external FW drive.
> 	4. Need to have a way to talk 9600/8/N/1 to many devices
> 	made by a certain company often discussed here. ;-)

USB->Serial adaptor is what I used (~$20-30).
> 	5. Long battery life would be nice; a way to plug into
> 	a solar panel to extend that life would be even nicer as
> 	frequent outdoor use is anticipated.  (Does anybody make
> 	a solar recharger for these things?)

Pismo--you can swap out the CD/DVD for another battery--some
report 9+ hours under OS 9 w/two.  I could run the DVD continually 
on mine for 2hr. 50 min. (not quite all of Harry Potter) w/one battery
before 10.2.4 killed my battery (grrr...).  But the Pismo is a boat 
anchor (~7lbs) compared to iBook or G4.  Best I've heard of on 
G4/iBook batteries is ~4 hrs. at maximal power conservation.

There have been lots of reports about poor quality control with 
batteries in both iBooks and G4s.  (Hence the suggestion of 
Applecare for the extra 2 yrs.)  Refurbs can be had for considerable
off the standard price, and are still eligible for Applecare.  Maxxed
out Pismos go for about the same price as a refurbed iBook.

As for solar, there's a couple of companies out there that make
them, but they are pricey.  If you are up to the electronics, you
could probably rig something up yourself.

> 	6. Because of frequent outdoor use ;-), some degree of
> 	ruggedness would be nice.  (I'm not brutal to systems,
> 	but one that breaks easily would be a bad idea.)

A friend is contemplating shoe-horning and iBook into a Panasonic
Ruggedbook case.  The Pismo seems pretty hardy.  I haven't handled
the iBooks much be they seem pretty sturdy given the disassembly 
stuff some have done to them to do mods (coloring inside of cases).
Ti/Al's are all metal on the outside, so that says something about
their ruggedness.  However, there have been a number of reported
problems with 12" and 17" Al's, so you might want to wait a bit for
the bugs to shake out if you are leaning towards the G4.

  N. Miller
  vraptor at promessage.com

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