[rescue] Re: rescue Digest, Vol 5, Issue 51

Bill McDermith bill_mcdermith at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 13 00:18:58 CDT 2003

>At 08:31 PM 4/12/2003 -0600, Bill McDermith wrote:
>>>The only division I know of that made 1640s was the Colorado Springs
>>>Division, which at the time made scopes, logic analyzers, and graphics
>>>displays. Shortly after I got there they split into two divisions, one
>Which division made the precision frequency standards (Cs, Rb, OCXO)?

Don't know which division made the precision references... My 
recollection was:

    Colorado Springs      Scopes, Displays
        Logic Systems       64000 processor devel stations, logic analyzers
    San Diego                 Plotters
    New Jersey               power supplies
    Ft Collins, CO           computers, desktop calculators 
    Greely, CO                disks
    Vancouver, WA        printers
    Bay area                    computer divisions (terminals,HP21xx,HP3000)
     ???                           Medical instruments
     ???                           Microwave

     Telecommm instruments was also moved to Colo Spgs at some point, used
     a leased building behind the Garden of the Gods facility... 
Protocol analyzers
     and all that.

      Of course, my information is about 14 years old...

>Hey Bill --
>What did you do there?  I spent 10+ years on the other side of the fence
>as a cal jockey (in Dayton) for a little outfit in Oregon.  I came to the
>conclusion we both had some truly incredible engineers.
>(I won't make the same claim for management...:-)
Development engineer (software) on the 10MHz state analyzer (!)  for the 
64000, then a bunch
of display projects (we built electrostatic deflection display, 
basically using scope tubes).
When the display section was shut down, worked on logic analyzers 
Yea, we both had a lot of good people.  I still like HP scopes (I've got 
a 1726 and a
1740) but I know a lot of people that like the scopes from the (so far) 
Portland, OR area company -- they can be a pretty rabid bunch :-) Anyway, it
was pretty clear to us who was winning the scope wars when I was there -- it
wasn't us at that point... On the other hand, in the logic analyzer 
arena... :-)

The first year I was there was the last year that Bill and Dave went 
around for division
review. They hired an MBA to run the company (John Young) instead of an 
and I felt that was the  beginning of the end...

Little did I know about how bad it could get... :-)

Still a great place to work at though, when I left to start my own
company (with a group of other HP guys) in 1988...


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