Subject: Re: [rescue] HP 1640a serial data analyzer

Scott Newell newell at
Sun Apr 13 00:09:59 CDT 2003

At 12:56 AM 4/13/2003 -0400, Larry Snyder wrote:
>Those folks did really neat stuff.  The ceramic strips in your old
>545A were Tek-made.  They kept the stray C down.  The vertical amps

Someone told me about the strips and the special solder (with a little
silver content?).  Next time I had my 556 open, sure enough, there was a
little roll of solder inside the box!

>using lots of low gain stages.  There was one 500 series box that had
>7 pairs of 6DJ8's cascaded in the vertical amp.  They also made

Maybe the 585, with the distributed vertical amp and distributed deflection

>the rest is pretty much history.  Tek is still around, but it's
>much more marketing driven.  I really miss the days when it wasn't.

I think we all do.  The manuals for the old stuff are great--very
educational, full of schematics, theory of operation, and circuit
descriptions.  The current Tek books that I've seen are crap.


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