[rescue] machine able to hold 4GB RAM or more?

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Sun Apr 13 00:01:47 CDT 2003

Robert Novak said:

>Yeah, the E4x00 might be better spacewise, and in a business setting
>they're extremely affordable. A few months ago I bought two 4x400/4MB
>with 4GB each for around $15k each, and I'm sure they've gone down from
>there. More compact, more boardspace (up to 7 cpu boards), and no wheels. :)

Oh yeah - they've really come down in price.

Paladian Technologies in Arizona has some really good deals going. As an
example, an E4500 with 4x400/8MB and 4GB but no I/o options or disk can be
configured for only: 

1000 - one E4500 or E5500 server base
350 - two X2602A boards
500 - four 400MHz/8MB processors (501-5235 or 501-5661)
175 - one X2612A I/O carrier 
660 - four X7023A 1GB memory kits
105 - three X954A PCM modules

i.e. a total price of only $2790 ex delivery. That's a lot of machine for
the money.

I've bought a couple of items from these guys and will buy again. They also
sell on EBay as ebay at paladiantech.com and are a really professional outfit.
Contact details are:

Greg Wolters
Paladian Technologies, Inc.
23025 N. 15th Ave
Suite 101
Phoenix, AZ 85027

Phone: (623) 879-0530
Fax: (623) 879-0575
Mobile: (602) 723-6639


Gavin Hubbard

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