Subject: Re: [rescue] HP 1640a serial data analyzer

Larry Snyder larrys at
Sat Apr 12 22:39:54 CDT 2003

Bill McDermith <bill_mcdermith at> wrote:
> The only division I know of that made 1640s was the Colorado Springs
> Division, which at the time made scopes, logic analyzers, and graphics
> displays. Shortly after I got there they split into two divisions, one
> doing scopes and graphics displays (Colorado Springs Division), and
> the other (Logic Systems Division) building processor development
> systems (64000) and logic analyzers... They were both located in
> the same building here in the Springs...

Hey Bill --
What did you do there?  I spent 10+ years on the other side of the fence
as a cal jockey (in Dayton) for a little outfit in Oregon.  I came to the
conclusion we both had some truly incredible engineers.
(I won't make the same claim for management...:-)

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