Subject: Re: [rescue] HP 1640a serial data analyzer

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Sat Apr 12 21:31:18 CDT 2003

	Subject: Re: [rescue] HP 1640a serial data analyzer
	Re: [rescue]
 HP 1640a serial data analyzer
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>> I'll poke around and see if I still have a manual for this somewhere...
>>> I worked at the HP division where they were built...
>Which plant? Was there only one making these?
> -- Steven Hill (Current HP-UX wrangler at Agilent) ``Timeo Danaos et 
> dona ferentes''

The only division I know of that made 1640s was the Colorado Springs
Division, which at the time made scopes, logic analyzers, and graphics
displays. Shortly after I got there they split into two divisions, one
doing scopes and graphics displays (Colorado Springs Division), and
the other (Logic Systems Division) building processor development
systems (64000) and logic analyzers... They were both located in
the same building here in the Springs...

Bill McDermith

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