[rescue] Found: Free 64-bit LVD SCSI card with ($120) drive purchase

Robert Novak rnovak at indyramp.com
Sat Apr 12 18:14:12 CDT 2003

No connection with this business... never done biz with them... just
thought some people might appreciate the info.

I was looking for my IDE RAID card's drivers today, and found a link to:


which offers a free LSI Ultra 160 SCSI adapter if you buy an IBM
Ultrastar Piranha 15kRPM drive from them. The 68-pin version is
$129 and SCA version is $119 (OEM 1 year warranty); they have the
retail (5 year warranty) versions for $159.

The card appears to be the lowest-end LSI 64bit U160 card, and it
looks like it's Intel-only (*BSD/Linux/Windows).

Not too bad for an initial foray into what used to be top-of-the-line
SCSI though, if you're looking to upgrade your PC. 
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