[rescue] machine able to hold 4GB RAM or more?

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Sat Apr 12 16:05:14 CDT 2003

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Subject: [rescue] machine able to hold 4GB RAM or more?

> I was talking to a friend the other day about database performance,
> when I realized that I could use Solaris' memory-based filesystem and
> load the DB into RAM for truly awesome performance.  I can dump the db
> every 120 seconds or so, which will be "good enough" for my
> application.
> So, which systems can hold >4GB RAM?  The database is between 2 and
> 4GB in size.

My Netfinity tops out at 16x 256MB DIMMs.  I can't say for sure if Solaris
x86 supports it, but it is, after all, an IBM.

> CPU speed doesn't matter too much - I am basically using the machine
> as a solid state disk in this case.

4x PPro200/1024, 12x drive bays.  It ain't the fastest thing on the street,
but Sridhar says he's upgraded a quad PPro IBM machine to PIIIs that's
`stupid fast'.

ObIDE:  Works fine for CDROMs...


> --Patrick


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